Model 001 Germanium Edition

$ 210.00

Well. We went and did it.

The last Model 001 came out a looooong time ago, and after repeated questions about another run, SGFX and I  came up with this bad little unit right here.

This version features a slightly modified version of the original 001 circuit. A few tweaks were important to help bring out the unique character of the NOS Germanium components.

The result is fan-freaking-tastic.

What we have here is a pedal that retains all the versatility and character of the original circuit, but with more warmth. The transistor selection gives it this slight vintage voiced charm, but make no mistake, this thing will rip your face off if you are not careful.

We wanted this thing to be flashy, so in addition to the purple powder coat finish, we had the face plates all done up in a gold sparkle finish with matching purple font. The old school Marshall style knobs top it off, and just look so tasty.

And yes, you still get those fancy wooden Tone Mob boxes with the pedal riser lid.

Limited to 35 units, and available right this minute.

 Sweet video from Demos In The Dark!!

 Demo by RJ Ronquillo


Annnnd the demo/comparison by 60 Cycle Hum!