Kaiburr by Wrought Iron Effects PREORDER

$ 112.50

********NOTE: This a preorder. The price shown is a 50% deposit securing your spot and ensuring that you get in on this limited batch. After the pedals are all completed, you will be contacted for the remaining 50% payment, and your pedal will ship after the second payment has been made. Easy, peasy.**********

A long time ago in a Facebook Group far far away.......

There was a pedal posted that featured a sword on it. It was amazing looking, and it inspired a handful of members to imagine a pedal with a GLOWING LASER SWORD on it. Why? Because it would be super rad. Thats why.

So, the troops ( by troops I mean Wrought Iron Effects, the 60 Cycle Hum dudes, and yours truly) were rallied, ideas were hatched and after many hours of sweat and love, Kaiburr was born.

This is a truly dynamic circuit that can please even the most stubborn of anti-fuzz people. No matter how much dirt you pile on, it remains clear and defined. It works with your playing dynamics to give you subtle grit, or soaring leads. Almost like it was designed by a guy who likes to hear every detail of his chord work or something.

Oh, and lets not forget the glitch knob! Engaging that sweet baby gives you gentle, pulsating notes, or helicopter-like chop. Just pick your flavor.

They are painstakingly designed and crafted one by one by Ed Chew of Wrought Iron Leather and Effects. The guy even hand folds the custom cases for them! It's no joke.

As with all of these special projects, this is a limited run deal. This preorder will be open until March 1st, 2018 and Wrought Iron Effects is only building whatever is ordered during that time frame. After that, we are all done.

50% down secures your spot in line on this truly unique, and fabulous sounding beast, and US shipping is included.

May the invisible throat choking magic be with you.