Demogorgon V3 by Adventure Audio PREORDER

$ 240.00

You asked for it!!! The V2 version of the Demogorgon was going to be a one shot deal, but......... well........ you all were very demanding. Further more, Christian knew that he could make it even better.

 Official Tone Mob Video

Demo by collector//emitter


 Demo by Demos In The Dark

The Demogorgon V3 version is a very large improvement on the original. The focus being on making it less of a wacky noise machine and more of a universally usable effect.

A lot of work went into making sure the fuzz was very dynamic and clear. The notes are more detailed and it responds to pick attack much more effectively than the V2. 

The filter section received a makeover as well. It now features a wider range so you can more easily dial out piercing frequencies, or dial them in if you are the masochistic type.

These two modifications create a pedal that plays better with others, and itself. While it might be all pretty now, be careful. It will still rip our head off if you let it.


We brought this pedal back because so many people were asking for it. We never intended to bring it back, but Christian and I don't like people yelling at us.

So, this preorder is live for two weeks. Starting October 26, 2018. We will take preorders for two weeks and then its done. Donzo. No more made and we won't be coming out with this pedal again. Even if you yell at us.

Again, we are only making as many pedals that get ordered during the preorder period. This pedal will not be going into production, and we will not be making any more after the two weeks is up.

Check out the demos, and if its your bag, get on this train. The pedal is $240 and that includes US shipping.

The description for the V2 is below and still applies to the V3, so I won't reinvent the wheel.

The Tremolo and Reverb operates as one block and the Fuzz as another.

When Bypass switch is engaged, the Fuzz is always on. The Gain controls the amount of fuzz, and the filter controls the frequency sweep.

The Deep and Rate knobs control the depth and speed of the tremolo. Both of which are capable of being expression controlled. The "X" switch let's you choose which one.

On the Trem/Reverb side, the Decay sets the overall reverb time and comes after the tremolo. The Order switch let's you choose if the fuzz is first or the trem/verb.

The Upside Down Switch turns the tremolo/reverb section on and off and just lets you use the Fuzz.

At the bottom of the pyramid, we also included a volume control that goes to at least 11. Yeah. 11. Like in Spinal Tap.

This gnarly, inter-dimensional creature is handmade in Rochester, NY out of the highest quality components, with the utmost care. It also comes in a very special, handmade wood box that you'd be proud to keep your memories from the upside down locked up tight in.