Treemolo Fuzz by Spruce Effects

$ 215.00

Once upon a time, I was chatting on the phone with Brian from Spruce Effects. We were originally planning a Pinky and The Brain inspired scheme, but........ During that conversation, I discovered he had a wild card up his sleeve. You guessed it, the Treemolo.

So what's this thing about? I'll fill you in.

On the right we have an aggressive, yet extremely musical fuzz. It has a woolly, full voiced sound when maxed out, and a very pleasing, harmonically rich character when backed off. It seriously rules.

The other side is a classy sounding, vintage style trem. This can make your sound ebb and flow as if you were being rocked to sleep, or it can repeatedly smack you about the head and shoulders. Careful with those dials!

The tremolo side also has a neat little trick. Dial the depth and speed all the way back, and BOOM you have a clean boost! This can be used by itself, after the fuzz section for more umph, or before the fuzz to create extra beefy sounds.

Which reminds me, that little toggle in the middle, thats an order switch. You can flip flop these two circuits until the cows come home.

It also comes in this super delicious wooden slider box, comes with Spruce Effects 3 year warranty, and we even let you pick your knob color???? Whoa. Just write BLACK or WHITE in the order notes.

(Did I mention that we only have 12 of these available? There is that too.)