TomKat Green Muffer

$ 250.00

Update: They're gone.

Do you like your face? Oh. You do? Then you definitely shouldn't buy this pedal. You really, really shouldn't.

This thing is a real ripper.

Tom used all NOS Russian parts for this exclusive build, and fine tuned the circuit to bring you the gnarly, distorted tones you need, while preserving the presence that lets you punch through the mix.

If you need even more versatility, the "Lift" button takes out a clipping section to provide more of your original signal, while still giving you that sustaining power you need. Bass players are going to LOVE this.

There is a downside though.

Due to parts availability, we only have 10 available. 

These are painstakingly crafted by hand in New York City, and offered right here for you. Get them while they are hot.