Pelican Noiseworks Silver Pelitaur

$ 210.00

If you aren't already familiar with the original Gold Pelitaur, then I should preface this whole description with a simple warning: This mythical beast is definitely not what it seems. You'll find demo videos, and the description of the original below after a brief explanation of this very special edition.


The Silver Pelitaur takes the original fuzzy concept and puts it on steroids.

First off, MORE GAIN. Yes, you read that correctly. The Silver is an even beastlier creature than the original.

Leon tuned the Pelitaur circuit to feature an increase in the low end frequencies while having a bit more jangle on the top side. Standard tuned instruments sound awesome, and dropped tunings sound absolutely monstrous. You wanna doom? It'll doom.

You also get a hand burnished/clear coated case, larger "Bakelite knobs", upgraded power jack, and extra mojo courtesy of the NOS Telefunken goodness on the "vintage" side of the pedal. Oh yes, I should add that this also comes with preinstalled bragging rights, and the power to blow back Donald Trump's comb-over.

To contain this monster, we had to trap it in a custom stamped wooden box, and seal it with this incantation I learned from Harry Potter.

Better snatch it up! There are only 10 available.

Price includes US shipping!

Original description:

The Pelitaur may seem simple and transparent at first glance. Possibly even a few glances later; but simple and transparent are two things the Pelitaur is not. Or is it?

This mythological golden box is made up of two distinct fuzz circuits running in parallel. One side snarls as it spits and sputters out vintage sounding, Velcro-ripping fuzz goodness. The other side, like an old friend, screams with a classic mid-scooped character not unlike a Russian green box. What would happen if you blended these two sounds together? Something very magical! Let's dive into that.

The three controls across the top are labeled: GAIN, TREBLE, OUTPUT. These are very interactive controls.

The gain control could be thought of as a "gain texture" control. Or simply a blend knob between the two fuzz circuits. All the way CCW is the vintage styled sputtery sounding fuzz. All the way CW is the classic scooped-mid fuzz sound we all crave.

Here is where things get even more interesting. Since we have two complete fuzz circuits in here why not give each of them their own tone stack? Done.
Dial in a good blended fuzz tone, and get a very interesting tone sweep through the treble control. When boosting highs in one circuit, it boosts the lows in the other.

Simply an overall output level of the effect.

Internal trim pots to adjust gain level of each fuzz if need be.

Standard 2.1mm 9V negative center power.
3mA current draw

100% hand built, true bypass, quality tested