Anchor Ashore: Recovery

$ 11.00
Anchor Ashore: Recovery

The debut album from Anchor Ashore. Chocked full of wicked guitar tone, and 90s alternative nostalgia, this album will rock your socks off. Don't believe me? Check out the very first iTunes review that the band ever received-

This new album by Anchor Ashore takes care of all my Rock & Roll needs. If you're the type of guy (or gal) that enjoys water skiing then you'll like the jamming riffs of Recovery. If you're a cool cat that thinks dogs are the best then you'll enjoy the amazing drumming. If you like America and parts of Canada then I suggest you buy Recovery now! I'm glad I did.- iTunes user Gob

I seriously have no idea who wrote that, but they are spot on!

What you have here is a hard copy of the album, which by purchasing makes you awesome! If that is not really you're cup of tea, you can snag it on iTunes.

Prepare your ears, rock and roll is coming.